Much Better Prices Than Hospitals

TH Loyalty Card & It's FREE!

What is TH Card?

TH Card is a loyalty program for TurkisHospitals patients. Only foreigners who live in Turkey can benefit from the card.

What do you need to become a member?

  • Be A Foreigner Who Lives in Turkey
  • That’s basically it.

1. What Are Benefits?

TH Card members will be benefiting from many good features. We carefully crafted each feature for you.

  • Special Prices For Medical Services
  • Priority Support in Hospital(s)
  • Faster Reservation & Pro. Support
  • Discounts in Selected Pharmacies
  • & Many More!

2. How To Be A Member?

It’s very easy to become a TH Card member. Just contact us & we’ll reach you back to give more information.