Low back and Neck Hernia

As the most common type of pain after headache in the world, it is an important health problem that negatively affects a person’s work and social life. It affects 75-85% of the population in any period of their lives. It may occur as a result of trauma or activity, or it can occur without any cause. Still lifestyle, heavy load lifting, posture disorder, wrong and abrupt bending, long time driving, excessive smoking and alcohol consumption, excess weight, weak muscles, pregnancy, stress are among the factors that cause low back pain. For these reasons, the severity of low back pain may vary from person to person.

Classical Methods in the Treatment of Low Back Pain

In the treatment of low back pain, we call classical physical therapy methods such as hotpack (superficial heat), TENS, vacuum application with interference current, us and Short wave diathermy (deep heat), traction and magnetotherapy are frequently used. Another method that supports these treatments is HIL (high intensity laser) therapy. With HIL therapy, 70% decrease in pain and an increase in mobility can be achieved in 4-72 hours after the first session.

Spinal Decompression System (DRX 9000 C)

Apart from these classical treatments, the methods based on the withdrawal of the disc space which causes problems in gravity-free environment by means of computer system, called Spinal Decompression System, are promising. In this method, the pressure between the discs is reduced and the damaged area is fed during the 30-minute treatment. Gradually injured disc is recovered, pressure on the disc is relieved and pressure on the nerves is relieved. The success rate is 75% depending on the location and size of the disc.

While reducing pain with all these methods, waist and abdominal muscles should be strengthened with personalized exercises and continuation of well-being should be ensured. Exercise practices in water increase compliance with the program and accelerate the process.